Guest Post – Six Pack Workout

A six pack workout can really go fast and easy when you add a little music. My first exposure to any type of workout with music was the Chicken Fat Song, done in the 1960’a by Robert Preston of “Music Man” fame.  Don’t know to this day where my mom got it, but when her three overactive toddlers got too hyper, I think this song was the only thing that kept her sane.  For those of you who have never heard of it, this was a workout song that many schools in the 1960’s and 1970’s used to get students up on their feet and moving every day.  For some reason, until I just looked it up on You Tube, I had thought that Jack La Lane was the one who did it…hey, I was six-what did I know?

Chicken Fat AlbumSix Pack Workout and Music

I’m reminded of this because of a six pack workout I do using music.  Numerous studies have shown that the right music can make or break your six pack work out; too slow and it simply annoys you-too fast and you can’t keep up.  Any music you hear at any workout in the gym has been carefully selected to maximize your endurance while keeping your mind occupied.  The science behind this is legitimate and still being explored, but the floating, flowing feeling you get when you are in the middle of a perfect routine – six pack workout or otherwise – is generated to some extent by music.

Six Pack Workout Music-Make it Personal

StrongMost music for a six pack workout will have a fairly steady beat and be something that gets you stimulated and ready to go.  Many times, clubs will use the latest pop or dance songs for this purpose.  Personally, I’ve designed my own six pack workout music comprised mostly of heavy metal and alternative.  While I can put up with just about anything, that is my personal favorite six pack abs workout music.  Some people like to use the pop music or dance/electronic for their six pack workout routines, others use rap or Latin music.  The entire idea is to use music that you find personally inspiring to rev up your six pack workout.

Six Pack Workout with Music-Classes

I’ve written previously about how I enjoy doing weight training classes to music.  Aside from a killer six pack workout, they give an excellent all-over weight workout in about an hour.  I have experience using both Les Mills’ Body Pump and Group Power by Body Systems Inc.

These systems allow you to do a quick and hard weight session covering all of the muscle groups, and the six pack workout they provide can’t be beat.  While the differences in each system are not great, I like Group Power more primarily because of its music!  By the end of the session, I’m ready to go on to more six pack workout moves on my own.

Plus, I recently learned that the folks at Les Mills’ Body Pump have released a home edition! This, in my opinion is the best six pack workout you will find.  There are multiple DVD’s and the weights and bar you need to do the full workout, plus several manuals/diet guides as well.  There are several DVD’s of six pack workouts alone!  What music do you use for your six pack workout?



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