Guest Post- How To Make Healthy Cakes and Cookies For Celebrations

Festivities will never be complete without celebration cakes in Perth. Joyous occasions such as birthdays and weddings will definitely need a lovely and scrumptious cake to top off the gastronomic feast made available in these memorable events. However, wouldn’t it be interesting if the dessert served in such occasions be healthy and not so fattening? What if desserts such as cookies and cakes be prepared in such a healthy way that it allows you to indulge and feast on it without worrying on putting on additional calories. That is definitely something you would wish for, right?

But creating mouth-watering concoctions such as cookies and cake, and making it healthy, is this even possible? Definitely, it is very plausible. There are a good number of very reliable internet sources who have embraced replacing not so healthy ingredients with healthier options. Case in point would be white flour, hydrogenated shortening, and white sugar. Many baking experts claim that recipes for baked goods are very flexible. And by replacing primary ingredients with healthier alternatives, not only is this better for your health, it does not sacrifice the yumminess of the baked product.

Now what will replace white flour? Number one alternative for this is whole wheat flour. However, if there are some baked products which would require a finer texture, then whole wheat pastry flour is the best option for you. Another healthy alternative to experiment on is multi-grain such as corn meal and oatmeal. However, before totally using these two ingredients as a complete replacement for white flour, you might want to try baking in small quantities at first since the end result might not be as desired. It would work best if you look for recipes which mention corn meal and oatmeal as the primary ingredient instead of white flour.

The next important ingredient which may be replaced with a healthier alternative is white sugar. It may seem improbable but there is a wide array of healthier options to replace this ingredient. Number one alternative is Sucanat which is short for sugar cane natural which is derived from evaporated whole cane juice. This is readily available in most organic and health shops. However, experimentation with this type of sugar replacement is required since replacement is not one-to-one. Reducing sugar content in the recipe is possible however this may affect the final product, making it drier than what is expected. Replacing one quarter of the sugar with powdered milk is an alternative you might want to try. Other organic replacements for sugar may include honey, molasses, and maple syrup.

The third and last ingredient which has a healthier alternative is hydrogenated fats. Pureed fruit juice to replace this ingredient is the most recommended and healthier option. Butter and shortening may also be replaced with liquid oil. Definitely a better option but this affects the crispiness of cookies. If you use liquid oil, cookies tend to end up not as soft and chewy, but this does not affect the delicacy and taste of the baked product. Thus, knowing how each ingredient affects your body and using healthier alternatives is something you should ponder about for a more healthy and slimmer you. But if you want to buy healthy made cookies or cakes for your celebration events in Perth, you can find it. If the pastiers don’t make healthy cakes, you can always try to ask them. Bust most of them are already making this kind of healthy sin.

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