Getting Through Finals Week

Did you all check out Weight Loss Coach Natasa’s Guest Post?! It was a good one, very interesting idea! I know I for one have that thought in my head if I could only lose these last few pounds, or only get rid of this giggle here, I would be so much happier! But we all know that is not the case! We need to make ourselves happier on the inside, before we can ever be happy with ourselves on the outside!


On to another note….Anyone else have finals going on this week?! Oh torture aren’t they! I know I can’t be the only one who likes to challenge myself to see how much studying I can fit into one week, when really we all knew this week was coming MONTHS ago!

So thus finals week= no sleep=lots of caffeine!

But we all know the loads of caffeine, especially those energy drinks with the endless amounts of unknown ingredients, are not safe!

Energy Drinks


So although many turn to those over-loaded caffeinated energy drinks to fuel us through this dreaded week, there are many other natural food and drink options to help you get through your day. What you eat can ultimately affect your energy levels and mood, because I know I turn into quite a witch during this time!

So here are some tips and foods that should help you power through your finals with some help of WebMd:

Choose smart carbs: Carbohydrates are your body’s ideal source for energy, but choosing complex carbs over simple are going to supply you with the right long-lasting energy. In many times of stress and fatigue, people reach for food, and specifically simple carbs such as chips, candy, soft drinks, and cookies, anything loaded with the sugars! Instead we should be turning to complex carbs. According to this article, “complex carbohydrates take a bit longer to be digested and absorbed into the body. They also take longer to breakdown and therefore provide energy at a slower rate than simple sugars.” Foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes are all examples of complex carbs.

Complex Carbohydrates


Drink Up: Now I know what you’re all thinking… it’s finals week, you’re stressed out, have a drink to relax…NO! I don’t mean that kind of drink, drink up on some water!!! Dehydration and fatigue go hand –in-hand. Even being mildly hydrated is going to slow down your metabolism, and then in turn drain all your energy. So make sure during your day, and especially during your study sessions, you are staying hydrated with water, and no those energy drinks!

Exercise Regularly: I know many think during finals week they have absolutely no time to work out, but in reality taking out those 30 minutes to get in a good run on the treadmill is only going to help you! An article I recently read stated: “Those that exercise regularly will tell you that although it’s sometimes hard to make the time to exercise, you will find yourself being less stressed throughout the day.” Exercising releases chemicals in your brain that leave you feeling more relaxed. I like to warm-up and cool down on my treadmill at home while reading over notes, that way you kill two birds with one stone! It’s also going to give you a burst of energy by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, helping your body to work more efficiently and giving you more energy.

Regularly Exercise


Coffee or Tea: I know we talked about the load of caffeine in drinks and how unsafe they can be, but in small doses coffee and tea can actually be great sources of caffeine. Frequent smaller servings still have the power to keep you alert and focused. Tea also contains “the amino acid L-theanine and can improve alertness, reaction time, and memory.”

Coffee or Tea


Get enough sleep: I know this can be the killer, who has time for sleep during finals?! As much as eating these complex carbs, drinking the coffee/tea and exercising regularly, you cannot function without sleep. Sleep deprivation not only causes more stress and anxiety, but it slows your mental performance and also weakens your immune system, which is the last thing you want is to get sick during finals week.


Try out these tips to help you not only get through finals week, but every other week as well! And good luck with finals!!!

Any tips you use to get through finals, or stressful days you have?!

What’s your favorite pick me up snack?!

I love peanut butter and apples! The protein in the peanut butter, and the natural caffeine in apples usually gives me a good pick me up!

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